Do I need an appointment?

Yes. In order to give your special friend all the pampering they deserve, we work by appointment only. Check-in time is 7AM to 9AM Tuesday through Friday, 8AM to 9AM on Saturday. Failure to check in on time may result in rescheduling.

What's the charge to groom my dog?

Prices are based on size, breed and difficulty of haircuts.

Can I stay during the groom?

No. We prefer the owners not to be in the shop during the groom. When your furry friend hears their owner's voice, they focus on them and the groom becomes difficult.

Do you keep the dogs in cages?

Rest assured, we operate cage-free as long as there is not any aggressiveness on your pet's part.

Why was I called to pick up my female pup because she came "in season" (female reproductive cycle)?

When a female dog is in season, her scent is very strong and can present a problem with male dogs in the shop.

What's included in a groom?

All "DAWGS" receive: massaging shampoo & conditioner, organic ear treatment, blow dry, brush out, external expressing of anal glands, ear hair removal and nails clipped. Additional charges may be applied if pet isn't picked up by closing time.

Pets must be picked up immediately if they become aggressive, vocal or ill. No Exceptions

Pets must be current on ALL vaccinations. No Exceptions.

Do Not Bring your female pup in if she is in season (female reproductive cycle). No Exceptions

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