Personalized Pet Pampering With Love

We offer a wide range of grooming services from toenail clipping to a full groom.

We clip and file the nails. There are times when the owners feel like the nails are too long. This is not always the case; if the quick of the nail is long you cannot cut the nail short without causing it to bleed. Clipping nails often will help the quick recede to be able to cut the nails shorter.

The ear treatment is such a vital part of grooming. Ear infections can be held at a minimum or completely done away with if the ears are treated properly. Here at Dawg E. Day S'Paw we do two (2) ear treatments, one in the tub and the other on the grooming table. Several breeds have to have hair removed from the inside of the ear. We use a powder and plucking motion with our fingers.

Each shampoo and conditioner will be matched accordingly based on breed of dog, skin and hair type. We do not use soap based shampoos.

All dryers are room temperature to ensure no possibility of heat exhaustion. They are only in the drying cage a short time, just to help with the excess water. Then they are taken to a drying table to finish drying with a hand dryer.

Rest assured that our shop is cage-free except for the drying process. However, we have cages on hand for different options. If the owner requests that their furry friend be put in a cage during their stay, or if your pup cannot get along with the others, he or she may have to go in time out for a short bit. We make sure that everyone has a play time and is not cooped up in a cage during their stay.

We specialize in working with special need dogs and creating a stress free groom.

Services Offered:

  • Nail clippings
  • Ear treatments
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Mud bath
  • Special allergy treatments
  • Flea treatments
  • Blow-drying
  • Doggy daycare
  • Cage-free environment

At the present time we do not have the facilities for outdoor activities. We only have space available for doing their outdoor business. Here at Dawg E. Day S'Paw we allow your pup to play with others and to learn how to be a good sport about sharing food, toys and attention.

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